Main PageΒΆ

The figure below shows the main page of the GIMS application. An example can be found here.

  1. GIMS Button: The GIMS button is the home button, that is, clicking on this icon always returns to the apps main page.

  2. Desktop application: Click on this icon to get a description how to download and install the GIMS offline executable.

  3. Code Selection: By clicking on the corresponding code icon the underlying behavior of the apps is adapted to the selected code.

  4. GIMS version selector: by clicking this combobox one of the GIMS deployed versions can be accessed:

  5. Settings: The settings menu enables to change display properties, such as the number of shown floating point digits.

  6. Feedback and User Manual: This Feedback icon redirects to the issue tracker of the GIMS repository. You can leave suggestions, improvements, and bug reports, here. The User Manual icon redirects you to the current web site.

  7. App Selector: Here, you can select the individual apps. They are described in detail in the subsequent chapters. Hovering over the question mark displays a short description below the app icon. It is further subdivided into two parts: a) workflow apps (Simple Calculation and Band Structure), and b) elemental apps (Structure Builder, Control Generator, and Output Analyzer).