Main PageΒΆ

The figure below shows the main page of the GIMS application. An example can be found here: .

  1. App Selector: Here, you can select the individual apps. They are described in detail in the subsequent chapters. Hovering over the question mark displays a short description below the app icon. It is further subdivided into two parts: a) workflow apps (Simple Calculation and Band Structure) and Elemental apps (Structure Builder, Control Generator, and Output Analyzer).

  2. Code Selection: By clicking on the corresponding code icon the underlying behavior of the apps is adapted to the selected code.

  3. Settings: The settings menu enables to change display properties, such as the number of shown floating point digits.

  4. GIMS Button: The GIMS button is the home button, that is, clicking on this icon always returns to the apps main page.

  5. Desktop application: Click on this icon to get a description how to download and install the GIMS offline executable.

  6. Feedback and User Manual: This Feedback icon re-directs to the issue tracker of the GIMS repository. You can leave suggestions, improvements, and bug reports, here. The User Manual icon redirects you to the current web site.