Release Notes

The following threads will keep you updated on the upcoming GIMS releases.

Current Release

Version 1.2.0, released in the end of September, 2023, adds several more new features to GIMS:

  • Structure Builder
    • Optimized the Structure Viewer code, making it possible to visualize structures consisting of more than 15,000 atoms.

  • Control generator
    • Added sanity checks, which are used to compare the chosen calculation inputs against the structure and throw an error (or warning) if inconsistency is found.

    • Added new Extra keywords table, that allows a user to make as complicated file as they need (used at the user’s own risk; no constraints or sanity checks are run).

    • Rewritten and clarified help tooltips for the majority of the input parameters.

  • Output analyzer
    • Completely refactored Output Analyzer code.

    • Made plotly the new plotting backend.

  • Other
    • Added several new calculation apps, for GW and MD calculation, with included help and sanity checks.

    • Added CI pipeline to automatically produce standalone applications for Linux and Windows.

    • Added the first version of GW workflow, making it possible to produce the inputs and compare the outputs for several calculations at once.

    • Tests added, bugs fixed.

Should you come across a bug, please don’t hesitate to report it to our issue tracker.

Full changelog

The section Changelog describes and documents the implementation of new features, fixes and so on, of all releases.